We have always wanted to solve one of the biggest problems of mountain bikers:


From the beginning, the clear idea was to create a professional-grade & premium product,
entirely made in Italy, with CNC milled components, top-level motorsport sensors, and professional visualization software.

The realization of BYB Telemetry is not only the result of our work: we started collaborating with companies and universities and we built a network of extremely expert professionals, starting from incredibly helpful people and from companies that are leaders in their sectors.
Without them, the realization of BYB Telemetry wouldn't have been possible.


  • Engineer

  • Downhill National Champion

  • Downhill teacher


  • Physicist

  • Data Analyst

  • Weekend rider


The first prototype was a proof of principle.

From the second one, we reached almost the actual configuration. 

BYB Telemetry prototypes

With the pre-series models, we optimized the layout and tested the final design.
During the development process, we were able to reduce the size of the acquisition unit by the half from the initial one.

Designing the mounting brackets for the sensors required different version and prototypes and so we tested out different layouts and materials to guarantee the possibility of mounting BYB Telemetry on every MTB.

The software set-up has been extensively developed and also tested on different bikes, tracks and riders. In particular, it has been tested down the legendary track "Black Snake" in Val di Sole during the UCI downhill World Cup.

We had the best return of our efforts when Enrico used the BYB Telemetry pre-series model in the race that proclaimed him national DH champion (overall amateur).


We launched BYB Telemetry through a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign,
which raises more than 130% of the established goal!

This was a fantastic journey and the first attempt of bring BYB Telemetry to reality.