Macbook software telemetry data acquisition


All data you need in one place.

  • Advanced display and calculations over the acquired metrics

  • GPS tracking

  • %, mm, suspension or wheel travel visualization

  • True leverage ratio 

  • Suspension charts overlay with other data

  • Interval selection with dynamics metrics and averages

  • Position distribution

  • Velocity distribution

  • Comparison between two runs (times and metrics)

  • Dedicated space to store settings and notes

  • Auto-tuning function

  • Lifetime and regular updates

  • Fast and easy device configuration menu

  • Advanced display and calculations on the metric acquired

  • GPS tracking

  • %, mm, suspension or wheel travel visualization

  • Suspension, accelerometer and speed charts

  • Resizable interval selection

  • Position distribution

  • Velocity distribution

  • Dedicated space to store settings and notes

  • Auto-tuning function

  • Lifetime and regular updates

Actually, there are two places that contain all the data. 


BYB Telemetry Smartphone app telemetry data acquisition




The suspension tab enables super deep point-to-point analysis.

The zoom in and out is combined with the automatic calculation of averages, max, and mins on every channel. 

It's possible to overlay every line and analyze the shaft speed of your suspension and how the set-up changes when braking.


You will be able to input the points which characterized your swingarm movement and we will do the rest.

It's possible to plot progressive, regressive and any kind of leverages.


Many other in-depth analyses originate from this function.




It's a key point for the overall balance of the bike: it shows how much your fork is in-sync with your shock.​


The chart on the right can be interpreted as the overall weight distribution on your bike:
too much on the front maybe? It depends! 


By interposing this chart with the brakes, you are able to analyse the weight-transfer while braking and to paint awesome Jackson Pollock's masterpieces.



This visualization gives a lot of interesting hints about the compressions and rebounds of your bike.

In any bike, the speed at the shock isn't equal to the speed at the wheel.


By using our exclusive interpolation function, you will be able to visualize the exact speed at the rear wheel.

Balance the bike dynamics has never been so easy! 



Make runs and make adjustments... then compare!


All the functions inside the software, such as the position distribution or the velocity distribution, 
are totally available for any deeper comparison.

Our favorite function, developed for race-environments, gives you the possibility
display the gains and the losses on a specif track.


The user can easily spot the exact point in which he is slower or faster and knows, with surgical precision,
which turn or section of the track needs more attention!  


Store all your secret settings in one place and keep track of every change over your suspension and bike parameters.


Fill the boxes and consult the data every time you are going hit the same (or similar) track.

To simplify your life (and avoid entering the data every time) you can pre-fill the basic information directly inside the device through the smartphone App.




Select your rider level and obtain explicit suggestions on your suspension!


This new feature will give you a solid guideline in order to find the best suspension setup and get familiar with data.

The auto-tuning algorithm is constantly updated in order to always offer you the best


Get your times!

A downhill track is typically an open-lap. Now you can insert the start and the finish line. The software will automatically calculate the splits or the lap-time.

For the closed-laps, such as the Motocross tracks, you can select the start/finish line. The software will calculate all the lap times, also splitting them into the software suspension's charts.




The smartphone app is available for iOS and Android

It's extremely useful to look in seconds how your bike is performing and then go deep through the PC software. 


BYB Telemetry smartphone app for iOS

The dashboard gives you information about the current status.

BYB Telemetry smarphone app notes

Load into the device your personal settings and feel free to change them every time you need it.

BYB Telemetry iphone app

Change the device configuration on the go: 

the sampling rate, the BYB sampling mode or switch in seconds to your MX bike.


BYB Telemetry summary iphone android

Look at the motion of your fork, shock, and base your suspension setup on quantitative information instead of feelings.

BYB Telemetry brakes usage smarpthone app

Scroll the GPS track to dig deep into the data.

BYB Telemetry understand suspension behavior

Understand in seconds the behaviour of your bike. Is it well balanced?



Download your runs in minutes straight to your phone.

BYB Telemetry contains run to display

Mange, organize and visualize the acquired runs directly from your phone.

BYB Telemetry dropbox synchronization

Log in to Dropbox and push the runs to your PC for deeper analysis!



Open a run, select your riding level and tune your suspension better (and faster) than ever!

Learn more about the software and app here!